Symphony of Science – Our Biggest Challenge (Climate Change Music Video)

Video commentary:

A musical investigation into the causes and effects of global climate change and our opportunities to use science to offset it. Featuring Bill Nye, David Attenborough, Richard Alley and Isaac Asimov. “Our Biggest Challenge” is the 16th episode of the Symphony of Science series by melodysheep.

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Materials used in the creation of this video come from:

– Are We Changing Planet Earth?
– Bill Nye – Climate
– Eyes of Nye – Climate Change
– Earth: The Operator’s Manual
– An Inconvenient Truth
– Hot Planet
– How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth
– Human Planet

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4 thoughts on “Symphony of Science – Our Biggest Challenge (Climate Change Music Video)

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  3. Jimmy, I find your blog to be clever, thought-provoking, limit pushing, and altogether excellent. I love the fact that on the last day of November, after having recently found this blog, I realize you’ve only had this blog going for about a month. I have decided to post my first comment here, on your first post.
    You are doing important work here with (here’s to hoping!) eye-opening results. I am a neophyte blogger with my feeble attempts to celebrate ‘living green’ and my primary blog of ‘living spiritually awake’ and your beautiful blog here humbles me. I appreciate the links you provide for more information, and I have been cheering on your suggested people to learn from in this post for years, so I feel a kinship already.
    I have always felt that there is absolutely no reason why I cannot indulge in the glory of science while remaining spiritual. I am a fan of Darwin and am saddened the world teased him as a ‘monkey’s uncle’. I have never understood why spirituality and science cannot get along.
    Your blog is a place I am looking forward to frequenting, reading and re-reading, for your intelligent arguments, and your basic undercurrent of hope. I have great hope for the world, and your blog here is an excellent source of education – or at the very least (for sceptics) – a place to encourage discussion.
    With genuine appreciation from a new fan,

    1. Thank you Gina for visiting my blog and posting your first comment here (you have the honour of being the first commenter in my blog). I am grateful for your warm reception and your encouraging words. Yes, this blog is relatively new, having started in November 2012, and it is my fifth WordPress blog. I decided to start this blog to focus more on environmental and humanitarian issues as my other blogs deal with other subjects, such as spirituality, music, photography, as well as miscellaneous topics as part of personal journalling.

      It is encouraging to know that my readers such as you appreciate the posts so far, and I too hope that I am doing important work with eye-opening results. My long-term goal for this blog is to reach out to school students studying geography and related humanities topics because much of the school syllabuses are controlled by governments, and may not offer much radical solutions to the environmental and social issues, such as climate change and socioeconomic inequalities. Will countries or modern societies be willing to replace the monetary system with a more equitable and sustainable system, such as the resource-based system, for example? Perhaps only time will tell.

      Yes, science and spirituality have been seen as mutually exclusive for the longest time, and I believe more and more people are coming to see that both can be reconciled with and complement each other. I believe there is a spiritual awakening taking place around the world, and thanks to the internet, people are questioning established religious dogmas and traditions and are letting go of fear-based doctrines that have been controlling the masses with fear and guilt. I also hope that more people will come to see the connection between science and spirituality through studying metaphysics (or quantum science), cosmology, mysticism and so on – I am new to these subjects myself as I only started learning about them in detail the past couple of years or so, and I find them fascinating.

      Thank you once again for your heartfelt comments.


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