Our true worth as human beings and children of the universe

“I pray that you allow yourself to wrestle with these questions — about the quality of your love and the depth of your service to humanity”.Dr Cornel West

I learnt from Wikipedia that Cornel West is an American philosopher who is inspired and influenced by Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Ralph Waldo Emerson and other philosophers and civil rights activists. His quote reminds me of Socrates’ quote about living a life worth living by examining ourselves, such as the quality of our love and the depth of our service to humanity. I agree as these resonate with me about living loved and loving others, and as Einstein also said, a life lived in service to others is worth living. It starts with self love that radiates outward to others, and a revelation that we are all one and interconnected.

Yes, what really matters in life is the quality of our love and the depth of our service to humanity. It reminds me of Mother Teresa’s quote “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” I don’t subscribe to the society’s mindset that focuses on accumulating material things and attaining outward achievements and success because these things do not define our identity – they are an illusion that the world is attached to when they have forgotten or do not know their intrinsic worth as human beings. There is an innate dignity in each of us, regardless of what we do for a living. I choose to believe small things done with great love are what really matters in life, and they cannot be measured in any concrete form or economic term because they are priceless and comes from the heart – they may be small acts of kindness, or words of encouragement, or sharing of edifying materials, or simply sending peaceful thoughts to bring about world peace. Yes, as I have learnt, research has shown that when we do nothing and just sit and meditate, we can actually bring about world peace.

“In the early 1980’s practitioners trained in the art of meditation were placed at various trouble spots throughout the Middle East. With clockwork-like precision, each time the practitioners began their meditation which focused on the feeling of peace, crimes against humanity dropped, emergency room visits declined and traffic accidents went down. Statistics reversed each time the meditations ended. This happened with such regularity that those conducting the experiments were able to calculate the minimum number of people meditating on peace, needed to effect a change in a community, or the world. The number is surprisingly small: the square root of 1% of any population.”

(From “Guided Meditation for World Peace“)

I think the economic system as it is today tends to devalue and dehumanise people because it attaches a false value on human beings based on their so-called “net worth” in their businesses and so on. It is sad when those who think they have a lot look down on those who have little because they do not realise they are all one and equal at the very core of their beings. Each of us is equally valuable simply because we are children of the universe. We cannot add or diminish our value by what we do or not do. We are interconnected in a living ecosystem, and each of us has gifts and talents to use to serve one another, and no one is greater or more important than one another, no matter how much we accomplish or how much we have.

flowers in the city
Like flowers, we bless and beautify the world with our presence and fragrance when we simply bloom and blossom right where we are.

Even in the natural world, we see trees and beautiful flowers that do not attempt to accomplish great things; they simply grow and blossom where they are, and the whole world benefits just from their presence and fragrance. In the same way, we human beings do not need to try to accomplish great things; just by loving and accepting ourselves for who we really are brings great peace and tranquillity to the world, and whatever we do that comes out of this revelation is only a natural extension of our blessing to others, whether it is in the form of small acts of kindness, or words of encouragement, or sending peaceful thoughts to the world, and so on. This may sound unrealistic to the monetary-based and economically-minded society, but that is how I see life from a holistic and naturalistic perspective.



You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life – Are You Ready To Be Free? The Global Awakening

“You’ve felt it your entire life that there is something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. Do you know what I’m talking about? The Matrix. The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. What truth? That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.

Deep inside, you have always known the truth, that none of this has to be this way, that there is more to life than what we’ve been told, that your life has a greater purpose. You are here to wake up.”

~ Collective Evolution

“If you started informing people who are misinformed, you would spend the rest of your life informing people that are misinformed.” – Charles Manson

“Only psychos and shamans create their own reality” — Terence McKenna

I think this video is about challenging the mind-numbing influence of mass media and not conforming to the societal norms. It will take a conscious effort for us to be free and stay free from the conditionings of the propaganda. Terence McKenna, who was a shaman, lecturer and philosopher, has advocated the need to liberate ourselves too by creating our own reality. I like the following quotes which relate to this topic.

“We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the mass hallucination you see it for what it’s worth.”

“Personal empowerment means deconditioning yourself from the values and the programs of the society and putting your own values and programs in place.”

“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”
Terence McKenna

Yes, we are divine beings and co-creators of our own world. We are in the world but not of the world system. It takes a continual act of balancing between the reality of living in the world system and the creation of our own reality to rise above the shackles of the values and programs of the society through our own personal empowerment.

Are You Ready To Be Free? The Global Awakening

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The Time Has Come!
Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below:

Much of what Ralph Smart shared in the video resonates with me, such as being in Nature feels liberating as we can be ourselves, whereas in the city, it can be hard to be ourselves all the time due to the pressure to conform to certain expectations of the society – he shared that when he was in the city, he felt as if his spirit was driven into the ground. According to him, we are turning back to Nature because there is nowhere else to go, and when we are in Nature, our thoughts are organic and free, like the organic/natural/unprocessed food we eat that contains natural information, not mechanical or processed.

I agree that Nature reminds us of our true intrinsic value – we are the original currency, not money, and Mother Nature makes the earth goes round as Nature facilitates our lives. He added that being free means feeling lighter, and loving and accepting ourselves for who we are, which is not based on our titles or qualifications or religion or colour, or based on what others tell us. So, to live free is to” know thyself” – to recover our vision about ourselves and be our authentic self, not based on what television tells us. Last but not least, breathing the clean fresh air in Nature expands us/our consciousness from within, creates inner peace and equilibrium, and promotes longevity.


Interconnectedness of trees and rivers – network patterns

It is interesting to observe patterns in Nature, such as the similarities between the network pattern of tree branches and that of river basins and deltas.

network of tree branches
Network of branches of a rain tree in Singapore
Lena Delta, Russia
network of wide tree branches
Wide-spreading branches of a rain tree in Singapore
A+satellite+image+Lena+Delta+in+Russia (1)
The Lena Delta in Russia
Picture: SPL / Barcroft Media
network of tree branches 2
Network of branches of a rain tree in Singapore
The Lena Delta in Russia
Picture: SPL / Barcroft Media
Network of branches of a rain tree in Singapore
Network of branches of a rain tree in Singapore
A delta in the Amazon River, Brazil
Picture: SPL / Barcroft Media
Moon above trees
Moon above trees in Singapore
yukon delta
The Yukon Delta – An intricate maze of small lakes and waterways define the Yukon Delta at the confluence of Alaska’s Ukon and Kuskokwim Rivers with the frigid Bering Sea.

It reminds me of how interconnected we all are – and I learnt that the same network vein-like pattern can also be observed in human beings – our lungs are shaped like tree branches too. Maybe that is why trees and other plants are so important for our lungs because they produce oxygen through photosynthesis which is vital for sustaining life on earth.

399594_10151642301676081_1277188623_n forest lungs

I am thus reflecting that we are all interconnected at a deep level. We are all equal and we are not separate from one another. It is unfortunate that the prevailing mindset of the world system is based on illusion of separation, duality and materialism. If all a person has is money and status to define his wealth and worth, he is a very poor person. Comparatively, someone who is content and values relationships with people of kindred spirit is very rich. Even though the world system is built on the illusion of power, wealth, status, influence, etc, we are not defined by these outward things. We are all equally valuable and precious as children of the universe, as we are spiritual beings on a human journey.





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