International coastal cleanup at Kranji Bund mudflat shoreline

Today is International Coastal Cleanup Day on 21 September 2013, and the Nature Society of Singapore has been tasked to clean up Kranji Bund mudflat shoreline along the northern coast of Singapore.

On my way to take the MRT train to Kranji, I spotted some lovely periwinkle flowers in my neighbourhood and decided to take a couple of photos of them.



Upon reaching the meeting venue at Kranji, the participants were briefed about the coastal cleanup procedures, and we formed groups of three to comb the shoreline to pick up litter and place them in trash bags, and record the types of litter being collected, which would include discarded plastic wrappers, bottles, containers and various other materials.

We made our way gingerly along the muddy shoreline, and many of us wore gloves to protect our hands against sharp materials such as broken glass and metal pieces. At the end, we brought back the trash bags to the meeting venue and weighed them before disposing them at the waste collection point. The leader later announced we have collected 200 over kilograms of litter altogether (I can’t remember the exact figure he said).




After disposing of the litter, we washed our hands and footwear, and then had dinner that was catered for us as a gesture of appreciation from the Nature Society. I spotted the reddish hues of the evening sky after eating dinner, and I made my way to the shore where I was greeted with a glorious sunset across the horizon. It felt to me as if the universe was thanking us for helping to protect the environment.



It was quite a tiring but fulfilling experience to have played a part in the global efforts to protect the environment in our own ways. I also think that this programme helps create awareness among the general public especially in the consumeristic societies on the need to reduce, reuse or recycle waste as well as to dispose of waste properly, in order to minimise damage to the natural environment since everything is interconnected.


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