Transcending capitalism

10377168_910685965638560_6086693995097437351_n oneness

“When science and technology is unleashed into the social system directly to improve peoples lives without restrictions of money, the marketplace or patents, we could then begin to know what it really means to be human.”
~ Roxanne Meadows

The problem with capitalism is that it creates an artificial scarcity, causing everyone to be bound by these limitations, when in reality, we all have equal rights to have access to the resources we need. The monetary system is fundamentally flawed as a tool to facilitate transaction of goods and services because it results in inequality among us human beings as well as causes us to be alienated from the natural sources where we get our supply of resources.

Capitalism strips us of our humanity, our human dignity, and our capacity to connect with one another and with the environment. It also imposes the illusion of separateness and superiority. Moreover, it fuels competition and violence towards ourselves and others, when a better way of cooperation and peace is possible and available. ​

“What is clear is that man-made globally systemic poverty is the result of competing for resources, regardless of what economic flag you wave…. In my opinion, a gift economy is truly the only universal economy that serves humanity and the planet…. To move humanity to the next stage of our evolution, we must learn how to tap into our individual creative genius and collaborate.”

(From “New Economy 2015: Trickle-Up Economics” by Christine Horner)


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