Connecting and reconnecting with ourselves and Nature

Why would people, especially in the comfy privileged world, want to scare themselves out of the wits by watching thrillers or horror movies and throwing money at the movie makers who are probably just out to make profits off people’s discomfort?

I suppose the more privilege and comfort people have, the more they feel bored and disconnected with themselves and with Nature, so they get restless and start imagining things or try to silence the discomfort by seeking stimulating happenings just to get a thrill out of it – anything to distract themselves from themselves.

Conversely, if we are busy trying to deal with oppression and stay alive and well, or if we practise being connected to who we really are and to the Universe, we will see no need for any kind of outward excitement to occupy ourselves or keep ourselves preoccupied – we simply live and be our highest self.


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