Nature is free and abundant

(Picture sources: Google)

Nature is free and abundant.

When it rains, Nature provides an umbrella in the form of a banana leaf free of charge.

All of us have equal access to the benefits of Nature.

Nature does not discriminate anyone.

You don’t need to pay anything.

You only need to take care of the environment, and Nature will take care of you.

Conserve the forest, and the forest will preserve you and your posterity.

We and Nature are one and interconnected.


One thought on “Nature is free and abundant

  1. How do we express our gratitude to Nature when we receive good gifts from Nature?
    We give thanks to Nature by taking care of the environment so that Nature will continue to take care of us.
    This is because we are dependent on Nature for our survival.

    Now, let’s say human beings enter into the picture.
    How do we express our gratitude to our fellow humans when we receive good products or services from them (such as a handmade umbrella instead of taking a banana leaf from a banana plant)?
    We can thank them by taking care of them so that they will continue to take care of us.

    How do we take care of fellow humans?
    We can reciprocate them in various ways that help them the most.
    Our reciprocation can be material or immaterial, or both.

    Sometimes, saying “thank you” would suffice.
    Sometimes, our thanksgiving can be expressed in material forms, e.g. token of appreciation, or monetary reward so that they can use the money to meet their own needs and continue to serve other people.
    Sometimes, we thank them by barter trade, whether it be goods or services.

    I suppose there is no hard and fast rule on how to express our gratitude or show reciprocation.
    It all depends on each individual person, circumstance or culture.
    We are all essentially energetic beings, who express and exchange energy with the frequency we choose to align ourselves with.

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