A Cry for Nature (Poem by Alan Ardy)

A Cry For Nature

They’re cutting more and more trees down, have you seen?
And replacing them with concrete that’s quite obscene

In the name of development and urban renewal. 
Destroying wildlife habitats isn’t just cruel

But also short-term thinking at its very worst
Because such gross devastation can’t be reversed.

But they don’t care about Nature, just the pursuit of wealth, 
Indifferent to the effect upon the nation’s health.

They say it’s for progress but they don’t see the dangers
Of our next generation growing up as strangers

To the undisturbed beauty of a forest glade
And the calm tranquility that Nature has made

Quite unaware that ecological destruction
Isn’t progress at all but spiritual corruption.

Do they seriously believe that more urban sprawl,
Industrial estates or another shopping mall

With architectural designs in dubious taste
Is worth the cost of the country they’re laying waste?

They’re so insensitive without realising
Their rapist mentality is vandalising

The environment’s pure and natural aesthetic
With cheap vulgarity that’s quite pathetic.

So please feel for the trees as they slowly die
And remember these words which are Nature’s cry.

By Alan Ardy
Creative Director


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