ST Forum: Restrict use of petrol-powered blowers, mowers

I appreciate the inclusion of the ST file photo to my letter (30 October 2020), which illustrates aptly the detrimental noise of grass cutting in residential areas.

“The sound of petrol-powered leaf blowers and mowers can be heard clearly from as high as the eighth storey of a residential building.

With more people working from home these days, such noise affects concentration and adds stress, which is detrimental to mental health.

Already, a survey found that 61 per cent of those working from home reported feeling stressed, compared with 53 per cent of front-liners (More working from home feel stressed than those on Covid-19 front line, Aug 20).

These machines also harm our flora and fauna. For example, the leaf blower pollutes the air, stirs up lots of allergens and dust, and harms plants, micro-organisms and pollinators.

Similarly, the mower harms benign insects such as grasshoppers, and natural predators of mosquitoes such as frogs.

I urge the authorities to consider clean and harmless alternatives such as brooms and rakes for sweeping leaves, and restrict grass-cutting activities to only certain areas outside parks and housing estates.”

For an audio illustration of the jarring noise of a petrol-powered leaf blower, please view the video below.


4 thoughts on “ST Forum: Restrict use of petrol-powered blowers, mowers

  1. Derick Y

    Where I live, in a HDB flat next to a park in the west of Singapore, the Town Council runs smelly petrol powered leaf blowers INSide the park itself, disturbing the exotic birds that I have never seen before prior to moving here.

    Worse still, it goes on for 2-3 hours every other day and calls to the town council on this matter have bore no fruit. It affects my concentration during this work from home period too.
    I wonder what else can be done about this?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I suggest sending your feedback via OneService app. I have done the same and received their response. We can rate the quality of their service as feedback for their improvements, based on whether or how they follow up accordingly.

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