A heartfelt semi-satirical letter to our future generations

Dear future generations,

This is why development is good for you.

You see, we listened to the people who derided us for criticising the authorities while living in the property built by them.

We were afraid of being rejected by society for telling them the consequences of environmental degradation which they didn’t want to hear.

We decided it is too much hard work to advocate for nature conservation when hardly anyone gave a damn about our environment and biodiversity.

After all, we all depend on the Matrix to survive because as they say, nothing is free in this country.

So we decided to sell our soul and accept our subjugation to the lords of the land where nothing really belongs to us.

The land has long been stolen from the indigenous peoples who were made homeless and stateless through colonial imperialism.

We had to pretend all is well, though every year, it gets a bit warmer, the floods get a bit more frequent and one more wildlife species goes extinct.

We had to keep up the pretense because it is considered folly to challenge the dominant narrative that development is good for the economy.

We traded the fertility of the land for property market, the purity of the air for industries, and the cleanliness of river water for our littering habits.

We prided ourselves for being superior to indigenous peoples who lived in “tree houses” in the “jungle”, but we couldn’t even farm our own lands, breathe our own air, or drink water from our own river without getting ill.

Just like strokes and heart attacks took decades of unhealthy eating to occur seemingly without warning, we are now reaping what we sowed.

We saw warning signs of warming temperatures, more frequent floods, more cases of heat strokes, dengue fever, mental health issues, suicides and zoonotic virus pandemic, but we continued to downplay them and give in to our self-destructive desires.

Maybe we really need to die out as a generation, so that you future generations can take over and start on a clean slate.

We are sorry that we have failed you, and we hope that you will learn from our mistakes and not fail us.

We also hope that you will not fail your own future generations, just like we did.


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