Dover-Ulu Pandan Forest recce and voluntary clean-up events

For three weekends since Valentine’s Day, we nature enthusiasts came to pick up litter in and around Dover-Ulu Pandan Forest.

By cleaning up the environment, we help make the forest safer for our wildlife, and by raising awareness of our mission, we hope to inspire others to do likewise and hike responsibly.

We also recced the forest for nature awareness and conservation, while we took nothing but pictures and left nothing but footprints.

We hope Dover forest will be preserved for its impressive biodiversity, its excellent ability to cool and purify the air, and its important contribution to our physical, mental and spiritual health, well-being and quality of life.

Let’s all continue to be good stewards of our environment for the sake of our fascinating native wildlife, ourselves and our future generations.

To sign the petition to protect Dover Forest, click here.


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