Channel 8 News: Increase in number of hikers visiting Dover Forest has resulted in more litter and more mature trees being damaged

English translation of the Channel 8 News Chinese article (partly paraphrased in my own words)


“The recent debates about the planned development and the need for conservation of Dover-Ulu Pandan forest has attracted much public interest, resulting in more hikers exploring the forest out of curiosity.

There is an increase in littering, and some mature trees have also become favourite subjects of photography, to the extent that tree climbing for the sake of photoshooting might invariably result in damaging the trees.”

Conservationist Chua Chin Tat: “Having witnessed how some people have taken turns to climb such large trees of significance, I am concerned that these actions may cause the tree branches to become weakened and broken over time, or their bark to become damaged.”

Commentator: “People have also noticed that Dover forest has various kinds of litter, such as empty containers, drink bottles, etc, which mar its natural beauty. Last month, freelance writer Chen Zande (Jimmy Tan) has called his friends to do weekly clean-up of the forest.”

Freelance writer Jimmy: “I have a WhatsApp group, which has about 100 plus members. So, I told them, “ok let’s go and pick up the litter (in the forest) this Sunday…. For safe distancing, we would form 2 groups of 8 people each”, and many members signed up.”

Commentator: “Within an hour, the volunteers filled up about 20 bags of trash that they have picked up.”

Video by Channel 8 News, 21 March 2021

Reported by Lee Zhengyi


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