What can we learn from our younger generations about climate change?

“Climate change ain’t political; it’s parental.”

– Prince Ea

Indeed, climate change is a result of many parents, especially those in positions of influence and privilege, particularly in corporations and governments, who choose to live an unsustainable lifestyle or make decisions and policies that conform to the capitalistic economic system at the expense of our environment. As a result, our actions cause harm to the environment and affect the future of today’s children.

Come to think of it, if we see parenthood in a broader context, perhaps each of us can be a parent or mentor or guide to our younger generations, whether physically or spiritually.

Will our children and youths inherit a safe, diverse, inclusive and habitable world from us?

Will we also be teachable enough to learn (or relearn) the values of respecting and caring for Nature and sustainable living from them?


2 thoughts on “What can we learn from our younger generations about climate change?

  1. Issac

    So much truth that parents play a key role in influencing how the next generation views/values nature. That’s why I make it a point for us as a family to recycle, not indulge in ‘fast fashion’ and go out and enjoy the wonders of nature through hiking and camping.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is wonderful that you are setting a good example and practising recycling as a family while enjoying the wonders of nature.

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