“Forest scenery” relaxation film: A reflection

While waiting to take a lift up to deliver food to a customer at a condo lobby in Jurong East central, I saw a LCD screen showing images of scenic forests.

This phenomenon suggests that no matter how much one may crave for material comfort and convenience in a highly urbanised environment, there remains a heart cry in humans for reconnecting with Nature to find relaxation.

Studies have shown that just by looking at greenery, whether in a forest, through a window or on a screen, can provide stress relief.

When looking at greenery in a forest, we get the extra health benefits of breathing in the immune-boosting phytoncides released by the plants, communing with the flora and fauna, and getting a good workout while hiking.

When looking at greenery through a window, we can allow our eyes to rest by looking at the distant horizon.

When looking at pictures of greenery on a screen, although we can feel relaxed, we cannot look at the screen for too long without suffering from eye fatigue.

While technology can help bring Nature “close” to us, there is only so much it can do.

Though we can appreciate nature by viewing pictures or videos of forests on a screen, we cannot experience the forests directly from the sterile urban environment.

It is almost like going to a museum or zoo or bird park and look at the flora and fauna, who are unfortunately isolated from the natural ecosystem where all the myriad species are interconnected and interdependent.

As Singapore continues to lose its forests to development and have them fragmented into small parks, will we end up having to settle for viewing Nature on screen most of the time, when the only sizeable forests we have left are in the nature reserves, which make up less than 5% of the total land area?

Will our critically endangered species, such as Sambar deer, Sunda pangolins and straw-headed bulbuls, end up having to be confined only to the zoo and bird park, due to population decline in the wild as a result of habitat loss and lack of genetic diversity?

I really hope not.


2 thoughts on ““Forest scenery” relaxation film: A reflection

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