Lush green spaces: Where can they be found and how important are they?

Lush green spaces with rich biodiversity and coherent ecological connectivity can usually only be found in nature parks.

That’s why we need to conserve the forests in Singapore.

The lush green spaces, such as in Tengah forest, provide climate resilience, support rich biodiversity and protect our health and well-being.

Even as this forest is being cleared and the soil paved over with concrete to build a new HDB town, it is hoped that the greenery in Tengah remains lush and habitable for the forest-dependent flora and fauna too.

For the environmental impact studies have shown that there are hundreds of species depending on the forest for survival, including rare and endangered species.

In the era of pandemic and uncertain geopolitics affecting global supply chains, we need our wildlife pollinators and seed dispersers more than ever for our food security and self-sufficiency.

Our health and well-being also depends on the therapeutic benefits and heat-stress-alleviating effects of the densely growing trees.


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