Money is a man-made illusion that doesn’t exist in Nature


Yes, money is a man-made illusion that doesn’t exist in nature; it is only a social construct that has no real value or application outside of the capitalistic system.


Can We Think Outside Of MONEY

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In this video, Elina St-Onge shares observations about Money, Scarcity, Ownership and Government. If you want to know more, check out her eBook:

Scarcity is a myth, as it is caused by mis-distribution of resources.

“Basically, economic growth means that you have to find something that people once got for free, or did for themselves, or for each other, and then take it away and sell it back to them somehow. By turning things into commodities, we get cut off from nature in the same way we get cut off from community.” Charles Eisenstein

“Something Every Student, Teacher and Person Should See”

This article “Something Every Student, Teacher and Person Should See” by Arjun Walia from Collective Evolution resonates with me about creating our own reality and doing the things our heart desires instead of following the crowd in a consumerist culture. Like what the article says, “When you follow your heart, you can access the magic that’s all around us, the non-physical phenomenon that can help us on our quest”.

Alan Watts – What if Money Were No Object?

As a dear friend said, “once we have dereligionized and deconsumerized ourselves, there is not much left to live for, other than loving people and making this world a better place”. Yes, being free from religious conditioning and consumerist culture enables us to focus on what really matters in life – loving our neighbors as ourselves through sharing the Earth’s resources which belong to everyone, and making the world a better place through using our gifts and talents. We will also enjoy the true treasures of the world with awe and wonder – the beauty of Nature, music, poetry, art, friendship and so on.