Nature ramble at Mandai forest

Here’s sharing the photos I have taken so far with my iPhone before it got too dark to take good pictures. The nature walk was organised by the Nature Society of Singapore for their members on 24 August 2013.






The nature walk concluded at the edge of the rainforest and I walked for another 40 minutes or so to the bus stop near the foot of Bukit Timah hill to take a bus and transfer to another bus. Overall the walk was refreshing as it felt good being in Nature, and among the more familiar flora and fauna such as moths and mushrooms I encountered along the way, it was the first time I saw fireflies in this country, so it is quite a rewarding experience.

(The photos of the nature ramble below were taken using Canon PowerShot SD750.)


Nature Ramble from Jalan Kayu to Punggol Park

I participated in a nature ramble organised by the Nature Society of Singapore on 11 May 2013 evening, during which we walked from Jalan Kayu to Punggol Park. It was a tiring but rewarding walk as the group members and I saw a glorious sunset on one side and a rainbow on the other side of the sky while we were walking along the perimeter of Seletar airport, and we also saw some wildlife such as parakeets, bulbuls, herons, a gecko and so on along the way. Jalan Kayu, as I learnt, used to be a village many years ago, and it is gradually being developed and is now a semi-rural area.

















sunset panorama




glowing sky panorama

I was glad to have managed to find the starting point which is the public carpark along Jalan Kayu near the expressway where the society members were supposed to meet before setting off for the nature ramble. We started the journey by walking across the expressway towards Piccadilly Circus, which is an old roundabout, and then continued our way northwards, past Seletar airport, before turning eastwards and walked along the breadth of the reclaimed islets. This part of the country is near the border of Peninsular Malaysia, and the Internet connection on my iPhone was lost for a while as its battery was running low. Fortunately, as we crossed the bridge to the mainland across Sungei Punggol, the Internet connection on my iPhone was restored. I think it was because we were reaching Punggol Park near the residential area where the phone network reception is stronger. I decided to head home by myself since it was getting late, and I continued my way walking along the main roads beside the LRT stations that were still under construction. I was glad when I finally saw Punggol MRT station. While I am a nature lover at heart, I have grown accustomed to the modern conveniences of city life, such as the transport amenities. However, I hope the nature areas continue to be conserved for as long as possible as Nature is always refreshing and inspiring for our soul.

“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”

~ Basho ~

Rest in Nature
Study nature, love nature,
stay close to nature.
It will never fail you.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright ~