Significance of animals in the Bible

What animals in the Bible can teach us about nature conservation and environmental consciousness

The Mystery of Christ

What animals can teach us about nature conservation

I remember some years ago, I was reading an anthology about ecology, in which an article opined about how Christianity seems to focus only on the salvation of humankind, without really advocating nature conservation or environmental consciousness.

That view didn’t really sit well with me.

After ruminating on this topic for some time, I believe that we humans can actually learn some useful lessons about animals from the Bible, or the gospel of grace.

Animals serve as symbols or object lessons

While walking through Bukit Batok nature park earlier this evening, I was fortunate to witness a mother hen protectively covering her chicks under her wings to shelter them from the rain.

As the park was close to my apartment, I hurried back to fetch my long-zoom camera, hoping to take good pictures of this rare, meaningful, heartwarming scenario.

I found them…

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