Zombie apocalypse: Will it become a living reality in our city?

Monuments or modern tombstones?

Imagine a zombie apocalypse scenario where there is hardly any human being seen in the city.

Where have all the human beings gone to?

The shiny skyscrapers and grand sculptures are left empty like giant whitewashed tombstones.

Are these buildings monuments of humankind’s glorious achievements?

Or are they stark reminders of a decadent dystopia?

In the hot sweltering oven of the sun-baked tropical desert, the air feels hostile and oppressive.

Seedlings of trees all across the island have stories to share.

Those who had the privilege and “good fortune” to be planted in the Gardens by the Bay are under protection by default.

Those who were “unlucky” to grow up in forests such as Bukit Batok Hillside Park live in fear that their days are numbered.

They have heard horror stories of how their tree relatives in Punggol, Tampines, Lentor, Bidadari and Tengah forest woke up one fine morning and heard the dreadful noise of the excavators that came rumbling in to clear their habitats.

Meanwhile, as the island reaches a boiling point, one wonders how long more humans continue the onslaught without destroying themselves.

Already, the city is simmering under the unrelenting heat today (which currently feels like 35 degrees Celsius at 9.50 pm).

How long more can we endure the urban heat island effect and still pay lip service to sustainable development?

P.S. If you do not wish to see our city becoming a post-apocalyptic desert, please sign the petition to support nature conservation and sustainable development.



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