The beauty of science

I like the poem by Walt Whitman shared in the video – that somehow the charts and diagrams and figures and columns used to explain the stars do not quite do justice to the mystique and mystery of stars, and the poet decided to wander off by himself and looked up in perfect silence in the mystical moist night-air at the stars. Yes, sometimes, silence is the best response to appreciate the beauty of science, as we behold the glory of the universe with awe and wonder. There are times I looked at the majesty of some natural phenomena and was left speechless.

Earlier this afternoon I took a longer route to go for lunch, passing by rows of houses and a patch of rainforest, and upon returning to office, I decided to take a lift up to the top of a housing board flat, and look at the rainforest from above. Seeing the remnant of the rainforest amidst the suburban houses and flats filled me with a sense of awe – I wish this part of the land remains untouched and undeveloped for as long as it is necessary (see photo below).



2 thoughts on “The beauty of science

  1. The time I witnessed the splendour of the Aurora Borealis exploding beyond the greens and blues and into the pinks right above my head, had my friend and I practically fall to our knees, so glorious was the experience. The natural world around us sure feels imbued with spirit to me! I can certainly relate to your sense of awe. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. ~Gina

    1. Thanks for relating your experience to me too. I can only imagine the sheer splendour of the Aurora Borealis, as I live in a tropical country and have only watched it in nature documentaries such as “The Living Planet” by BBC. You are indeed blessed to have witnessed the spirit of this phenomenon personally and powerfully. Peace and blessings to you. Jimmy

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